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    6th Form or College?

    6th Form or College?

    At 16 or 17 young people who are not opting for the Apprenticeship route will face the choice between 6th Form and Further Education College. Here are some important differences to consider:

    6th Form

    • Familiar environment, students are surrounded by teachers they know and friends they have known for many years
    • It is a smaller environment compared to a large college
    • Support from teachers is easily accessible
    • Less likelihood of falling behind set academic deadlines
    • Choice of academic A Levels and work related BTEC Level 3 courses; as well as the opportunity to take GCSEs in English and Maths

    Further Education College

    • A large environment, which can at times be impersonal
    • Will require a degree of maturity and self-discipline
    • Students not likely to have teachers “watching over them” and may be at risk of falling behind and missing deadlines
    • However, with the right level of maturity and self-discipline, students can thrive if they are on the right course
    • Can be fun, with the opportunity to meet new people and make friends
    • Extensive range of vocational courses such as NVQ, City & Guilds and BTEC, at levels 1,2 and 3; as well as a small range of GCSEs, including English and Maths.

    What are the key things to consider when making your choice?

    • Have you chosen the right course? Are you strong in the subjects you have chosen? If you are, and you enjoy these subjects, you are increasing your chances of obtaining a high grade;
    • Do you have any career ambitions? Have you researched requirements? Are there different routes you can take to gain entry to your chosen career? For example, if you want to take a Degree in Accounting and Finance, you can do this via the A Level route or you can take a BTEC Extended Diploma in Business. Similarly both routes can lead to careers and higher education in other fields such as Engineering, ICT etc;
    • What is your learning style? The A level route may not suit students who don’t like the idea of exams at the end of two years of study determining the grade they achieve. BTECs and other vocational courses include a very large element of course work based assessments.
    • What if you are keen to stay in the 6th Form but one of your main subjects is not offered in school? There are ways around this as the school has good arrangements with other 6th Forms in the area where you can take your preferred subject.

    For further information obtain a copy of the school 6th Form Prospectus from the school office. The Careers Adviser, Mr Sailesh Devani is available every Friday to talk to students and parents and help them to make an informed decision about future choices. You can contact Mr Devani at

    See for information on the range of courses available at the local further education college