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Cheshunt School
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    Assessment, Target Setting and Reporting

    Cheshunt School prides itself in being a learning community. Central to our purpose is for every child to achieve his or her full potential. Assessment should support teaching and learning by identifying what students already know and can do, and how they might move to the next step.
    Changes to Assessment
    From 2015-16, the government will be phasing in a new way of assessing students using 9-1 with 9 being the highest and 1 the lowest to replace the current A*-G grades.  See our guide to the new assessment model in the attachment below for further detail of how Cheshunt School is assessing your child. 
    How Targets are Set
    Cheshunt School set aspirational value added targets based on their prior performance. The target-setting programme is based on national data to ensure the targets your child are set enables them to compete with the best in the country
    We collect data 5 times a year and analyse it to identify students for intervention. Students in years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 receive 5 reports a year. Students in years 11 and 13 receive 4 reports a year as their teaching year is shorter. The report will have an aspirational value-added target on it and a cumulative target. To create the cumulative target the teacher uses all the information that the teacher has available on the student up to that point. The report also includes information on attendance and Behaviour for Learning.
    Progress 8

    1. Cheshunt School New Assessment Guide 2015