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    Taking an Apprenticeship is a realistic option for 16-19 year olds who wish to embark upon a career without going full time to further or higher education. It is designed for young people who want to learn on the job, earn a salary AND achieve further/higher qualifications.

    Apprenticeships have changed radically over the past decade and attract support and funding from many sources, including government, employers and education/training providers. There has been a steady growth in opportunities over the past 7 years.

    The days of finding Apprenticeships in just a handful of occupations (engineering, building etc) are long gone. Today young people can look for an Apprenticeship in diverse areas such as Agriculture, Retail, Media, Leisure, Travel, Business, Finance, Health, ICT and many more. Nationally, there are over 1200 different job roles.

    All types of employers take on Apprentices, small, medium and large firms such as Ford, Shell, BT, NHS etc. Many further education colleges, such as North Herts College, and large training providers also offer Apprenticeships. The average wage for Apprentices is £170 per week.

    So what are the opportunities like?

    It is competitive to get into Apprenticeships but there are opportunities in Greater London and the South East. Some occupational areas have more opportunities than others, such as Business Administration, Retail, Health and Social Care. But young people will also find opportunities in Engineering, ICT, Construction, Media and others.

    Young people age 17/18 and older are more likely to be taken on but it is not impossible to find opportunities at 16, however back-up options (6th Form, College courses) should always be prepared.

    How long does it take?

    Apprenticeships can take between 1-3 years to complete, and some of them can lead to permanent employment. Entry qualifications can vary, most providers will look for good GCSEs (usually including English and Maths) for an Intermediate Apprenticeship and A Levels or equivalent for an Advanced Apprenticeship.

    Further information

    See, for more details and live vacancies, and for local opportunities.

    Parents and students can contact the school Careers Adviser, Mr Sailesh Devani, for information or advice at