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Cheshunt School
A Foundation Specialist Technology College

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    Behaviour For Learning

    Behaviour for Learning

    We have high expectations of our students in order to maintain a happy, safe and successful learning environment.  Students who exceed these expectations and go the ‘extra mile’ deserve to be recognised by the school community.  Core to our behaviour for learning procedures is our reward system.  Students can achieve rewards for:

    • Effort
    • Achievement
    • Community

    For each reward received students are also given 3 Vivos which are credited to their accounts, rather like a bank account.  Students are then able to purchase a variety of products from the Argos catalogue with their Vivos.  Tell a  student they are doing  well and reward them for it and we believe you have a student with boosted self-esteem, who is more likely go on and achieve greater things!

    Of course, occasionally students can make the wrong choices.  Staff at Cheshunt School have consistent and effective procedures in dealing with such behaviours.  A clear and transparent Consequences Tariff System and Defiance Protocol supports students in making good choices about their behaviour, whilst ensuring that disruption to learning is minimised.

    You may wish to refer to our BehaviourPolicy.