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    Exams Information

    Essential Examination Information

    As soon as exam boards publish their confirmed dates for exams we will publish them on this website. We highlight the importance for all candidates to be aware of the candidate regulations for taking public exams. Failure to abide by these regulations can lead to severe action being taken by exam boards such as students having all their papers cancelled, even in subjects not run by the exam board in which the problem occurred.

    See the attached documents for general examination and results information 


    Dear Parent / Carer

    Year 9 and 10 End of Year Exams

    Please find below the end of year exam timetable. A copy has been given to each student.

    Students have been aware of the exams since before half term and should have been revising.

    To support your child you can do the following:

    • Ensure they have an appropriate space to revise
    • Support them by providing relevant equipment and resources to aid revision – revision guides are available to buy through Heads of Faculty
    • Make sure they are revising every day and the revision they are doing is of a high quality (they should produce something when revising, reading their book is not good enough)
    • Remind your child of the importance of getting good grades in school – we live in a competitive world so they need to be the best they can be!

    Finally thank you for the continued support of our school and your children.

    Mr Lucas – Acting Deputy Headteacher

    1. End of Year Exams Timetable Student Parent View
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    3. Exam Overview Timetable 2017
    4. General Exam Info for website
    5. 9.6 Warning to candidates
    6. 9.5 No Mobile Phone
    7. Cheshunt School - Exams - Controlled Assessment and Key Dates Calendar for Yr 11
    8. Information for Candidates - Controlled Assessments
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    11. Information for candidates - social media
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    14. Supporting Your Child With Revision
    15. Exam Tips Booklet 2017
    16. 1 Revision Tips Pyramid
    17. 1 Timetable - Motivated
    18. 2 Mind maps circle maps
    19. 2 Techniques - Visual
    20. 3 maths key card
    21. 3 mnemonics
    22. 4 Chunking
    23. 4 Exam Technique
    24. 5 Definitions