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    Extended Project Qualification

    Extended Project Qualification

    A fantastic opportunity to demonstrate and further develop your skills at the level of undergraduate study, whilst at the same time exploring further into a personal passion or career interest.  Successful completion will enable you to stand out of the crowd in your application or interview.


    Students in the sixth form have the opportunity to select the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) as their enrichment subject.  EPQ is an opportunity for students to extend their abilities beyond their A Levels.  It can support students by gaining them valuable additional UCAS points as well as preparing them for work or university.  Students applying for medical related courses are advised to consider taking this enrichment subject.

    Students are encouraged to think creatively, be self-motivated and self-directed in their project just as they would have to be in the world of work and higher education.  They will have the opportunity to explore an interest which may be linked to a hobby or interest or perhaps one of their studies or chosen career interest.  They will manage and organise the project from start to finish, use resources to research key ideas further, develop a critical insight into the chosen area of focus and evaluate the final product.

    As an EPQ student you will have 3 hours per fortnight with a tutor, who will support you and advise you on your topic.  Past students have been very creative with their projects which have included final products such as writing a children’s book to designing a guitar stand. 

    To gain the qualification you will be assessed on the following:

    • 20% of final mark on Resources: Obtaining and selecting primary and secondary information from a range of sources
    • 40% of final mark on developing and realising the project: selecting and using a range of skill including new technologies to solve problems and take decisions critically, flexibly and creatively, and to achieve a final outcome.
    • 20% of final mark on Present/Review/Evaluate: Select and use a range of communication skills and media to convey evidence outcomes and conclusions.


    For more information about the course please contact Stuart Taylor (Deputy Headteacher).