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    Extended Project Qualification

    Extended Project Qualification 

    Our EPQ allows each student to embark on a largely self-directed and self-motivated project. Students must choose a topic, plan, research and develop their idea and decide on their finished product.

    We encourage creativity and curiosity. A project topic may be directly related to a student's main study programme, but should look beyond the specification. A finished product may take the form of a:

    • research based written report
    • production* (eg charity event, fashion show or sports event etc)
    • an artefact* (eg piece of art, a computer game or realised design).

    *A written report must accompany these options.

    Students must also record their project process in their Production Log. The process of recording and completing a project is as important as the finished product. Both the Production Log and Product will be assessed.

    What students need to do
    • Choose an area of interest and draft their project title and aims.
    • Plan, research and carry out their project.
    • Keep a production log of all stages of the project production, reviewing and evaluating their progress.
    • Complete the project product.
    • Prepare and deliver a presentation.
    • Review the outcome of their project and presentation.

    During the EPQ, they will learn to:

    • manage – identify, design, plan, and complete a project (or task within a group project), applying organisational skills and strategies to meet their stated objectives
    • use resources/research – obtain and select information from a range of sources, analyse data, apply it relevantly, and demonstrate understanding of any appropriate connections and complexities of their topic
    • develop and realise – use a range of skills, including using new technologies, to solve problems, to take decisions critically, creatively and flexibly, and to achieve their aims
    • review – evaluate the outcome, including their learning and performance.