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    Higher Education

    Higher Education

    There are many benefits to taking a course in higher education, whether it is a BA/BSc (Hons) or a Higher National Diploma (HND). Here are some advantages of higher education:

    • Higher earning potential, surveys show that graduates earn significantly more than non-graduates during their working life;
    • A higher education is necessary for your chosen career;
    • Many jobs now demand graduate level entry;
    • Opportunity to study a subject you are passionate about;
    • Ability to gain transferrable skills at a high level.

    There are literally thousands of courses on offer at UK Universities. Many courses are “vocational” i.e designed for entry into specific careers, for example Architecture, Law, Medicine, Surveying, Primary School Education, Nursing, Engineering and many more. Young people taking A Levels who know what career they wish to follow will choose this type of course.

    However many young people do not have a specific career idea at 17 or 18. So why consider higher education? In today’s graduate job market, approximately 60-70% of graduate entry jobs do not require a specific Degree course. So, if you take a Degree in a subject you love and achieve a very good result, you are likely to be very competitive in the job market.

    Applications for the vast majority of Degree courses is through UCAS. Applications have to be submitted by January of the year of entry, however students need to have the application ready, including the personal statement, by November/December of the preceding year. It is absolutely critical to research courses well in advance, i.e. beginning in Year 12. And remember, to gain entry to competitive courses it is often not enough to just achieve good grades. It is also critical to demonstrate in your personal statement things such as voluntary work, positions of responsibility you have held, examples of team work and initiative and other important achievements gained through extra-curricular activities.

    Useful links for research:, and and download the 2014 version of “what do graduates do?”

    For information and advice on higher education contact the school Careers Adviser, Mr Sailesh  Devani at