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Cheshunt School
A Foundation Specialist Technology College

Supportive. Inclusive. Effective.

    House Curie

    Welcome to House Curie

    ‘Creating future champions’

    Our house logo was designed by students Jack Wolthers and Holly Atkins. 

    The History of Curie 

    With the school always looking to the future and how to develop and nurture its students to the best of its ability, a research team visited a number of schools and decided the community aspect of vertical tutoring and a house system would bring students, staff and parents together to work towards common goals. Once the decision was made to enter into a house system, the names of the houses were put to the students and the houses Curie, Edison, Faraday and Rubik were born.

    The names were chosen as it was felt they best represented dynamic, imaginative and hardworking members of society who tried to bring about positive change not just in their lives but in society in general, which tied in with the schools move towards a greater community feel.

    Life in House Curie

    House Curie, is all about creating champions of our students. We know that in each member of our house lies special talents, abilities and knowledge which we aim to nurture and bring to the fore. Students and staff in house Curie provide a great environment where students can gain confidence, try new things, receive support and work together.