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Cheshunt School
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    House Faraday

    Welcome to House Faraday House Faraday logo

     ‘A dynamic force driving ambition’

    The house names were achieved through a competition completed during form time and the students had the decision for each house name.

    Since the creation of House Faraday in 2013, it quickly gained a strong community spirt where all members work together to succeed. The house prides itself on hard work and determination and a belief that if you always strive to do your best you will achieve more than you thought was possible. 

    The History of Faraday

    Michael Faraday was an eminent scientist whose most famous work with electromagnetic induction, and his research into ions, were some of the key aspects used when the students designed the house logo and strap line.

    Life in House Faraday

    Like Michael Faraday himself, the members of House Faraday are ambitious and competitive, and this has led to huge success in the Interhouse competitions. We are the current ‘Cheshunt’s Got Talent’, and Sportsday Champions, and have in fact won these competitions for two years in a row. House Faraday where also crowned the first ever winners of the House Cup and are striving to win back the cup this year.

    House Faraday leader, Chery Goodchild, is passionate about the house system and fostering a supportive and dynamic atmosphere where every student is inspired to achieve. She has great ambitions for the year ahead and has no doubt that House Faraday will build on its previous accomplishments and have another hugely successful year.