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    Independent Learning

    Independent Learning 

    Independent Learning is our term for Homework. Independent Learning at our school is a major part of ensuring our students reach their full potential. Some of the main benefits Independent Learning brings are: to improve knowledge and skill through practice and demonstration; to consolidate learning; to prepare students for the next lesson and to help students achieve higher levels and grades.

    The school will:

    • Ensure that students are set regular Independent Learning, via according to the schools policy
    • Set tasks which are suitable, challenging and achievable
    • Assess and give feedback to students in line with the schools feedback policy
    • Ensure that suitable facilities are available for Independent Learning to be carried out at school

    The amount of time an individual spends on Independent Learning varies from student to student for a variety of reasons; therefore it is not school policy to set a specific amount of time students should spend on their Independent Learning. The quality of what students produce is more important and beneficial than spending a set amount of time on any given piece of work.

    For students who wish to use the schools extensive resources or require support with their Independent Learning our Learning Support Centre is open every day from 3:05 pm – 4:15 pm, where staff will be available to give support and guidance.

    The school now uses ‘Show My Homework’ to set and monitor Independent Learning, you can access this by selecting this link or click the 'Show My Homework' icon at the top of the web site. There is no need to log in to this website simply select the school and your child’s year group and teaching group. Your child will be informed in lessons when they have homework being set and if your child is absent they may refer to ‘Show my homework’ in order to view any homework they may have missed.

    You may wish to refer to our Independent Learning Policy.

    1. Show My Homework