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Cheshunt School
A Foundation Specialist Technology College

Supportive. Inclusive. Effective.

    Personal, Social, Health & Careers Education

    Personal, Social, Health & Careers Education 

    As part of our broad and balanced curriculum offer all students in school follow a PSHCE programme which:

    • promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of students at the school and of wider society
    • prepares students at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life
    • underpins the values of mutual respect and tolerance

    Students are taught through Learning for Life lessons, citizenship, PE and RE lessons.  There are also drop-down events where students are taken off timetable to focus on a specific topic or theme.  Students also benefit from the expertise and experiences of guest speakers from various organisations such as Learning2Live, Students Finance, School Nurse, Community Support Officers, Youth Connexions, Speakers for Schools and many more.   A range of topics are covered which are age appropriate and provide students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills which will prepare them for a healthy life.

    Topics include:

    Healthy Minds – from School to Life included future aspirations and goals and how this connects with the present as well as a focus on family, community, work and lifestyle.

    Learning Styles - What makes a good learner and knowledge of different learning strategies/techniques, including the 5Rs (Resourcefulness, Resilience, Responsibility, Readiness & Reflection).  Developing team working and problem solving skills.

    Cultural Diversity promoting community cohesion, addressing  negative behaviours towards some cultures using recent news event reflecting British Values.  

    Financial Awareness – balancing budgets, payment methods and benefits available to society and how to cost cut.

    Careers – different sectors of employment and the skills and qualities employers look for and value.   Students also receive age appropriate advice and guidance to enable them to prepare for their next steps.

    First Aid – Development of basic first aid skills to support students in gaining confidence in managing some first aid emergencies.

    E-Safety – raising awareness of the risks associated with being on-line and how to stay safe.

    Drugs and Alcohol Awareness – students develop an understanding of the risks involved in drug and alcohol abuse and how it could affect their own lives and the lives of those around them.

    Sex Education – age appropriate, which examines what healthy relationships are and how to identify the signs of an unhealthy relationship.  Students also develop their understanding and knowledge of the support available on issues relating to sex and relationships.

    The PSHCE programme is flexible in ensuring we address identified needs of specific groups as they arise.